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Characteristics and Application range of Colored Steel Rock Wool sandwich panel

Apr. 27, 2018

1).areas of application

Widely used in steel structure factory building, simple moving room roof, wall, air clean room ceiling and partition.


2).the characteristics of color steel rock wool sandwich panel products:

1, good fire resistance: rock wool for inner core layer or glass fiber, but arbitrary fire resistance grade requirements;

2. color steel rock wool sandwich panel heat insulation:

thermal conductivity:λ ≤ rock wool 0.044w/m.k

thermal conductivity:λ ≤ glass wool 0.031 / m.k.

3, color steel rock wool sandwich panels are bright and colourful: no surface decoration is required, the color steel plate anti-corrosion layer is maintained in 10-15, and the color coated aluminum zinc plate anti-corrosive layer is kept for 30-45 years.

4. Color steel rock wool sandwich panel has high bearing capacity, which can be used as both protective and load-bearing structure.There is  no beam column in the house

5. color steel rock wool sandwich paenl installation flexibility.The width of the sandwich plate is 950 mm ,1150mm.

The surface layer can be compressed and not compressed, the length can be produced according to the length of the user, the construction period is short and the comprehensive cost is low;

6.Application scope: purification engineering, ship, food, air conditioning, factory building, boiler room, floor, activity room, freezer, warehouse, office partition, sound insulation, etc.

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